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Moonves Miracle!  It became the most unlikely of all time

Moonves Miracle! It became the most unlikely of all time

The official website of the French Open tennis tournament, Roland Garros, states that the 36-year-old Gaël Monfils, ranked 394 in the world, made one of the most unlikely performances in the history of Grand Slam tournaments against Argentine Sebastián Báez on Philippe Chatrier midcourt in Paris, Man in the singles first round final.

Gael Monfils had the first or second best match of his career against Paez (Picture: AFP)

French Gail Moonves He hardly needs to recognize tennis fans, he’s been a pro since 2004, he’s been a semi-finalist at Roland Garros and the Australian Open, he’s ranked #6 in the world (in 2016), and he’s victorious in a total of 11 tournaments. ATP.

Due to heel surgery last year, he missed Roland Garros and the entire grass season, and was injured again in the first match after his return (at the 2022 Montreal Masters), forcing him to rest again. He was able to play again from March this year, but things were not going well for him, and he did not win a single ATP tournament match. So far.

In the first round of Roland Garros, the rising Argentine was expected to win easily Written by Sebastian Baez (Found it Martin Vosovic last week in Lyon), which currently ranks 42nd in the world rankings, while Monfils slipped to 394th. Although it is not an exaggeration from the tournament website, The 36-year-old Frenchman produced one of the most improbable translations of all time in a match. After 3:6, 6:3, 7:5, 1:6, Baez broke twice in a row in the last set, breaking away to 4:0. There must have been few people in the world who thought at this stage of the match Monfils will advance…

However, the French classic pulled something unexpected out of the hat, finding new strength and breaking the serve of his 22-year-old opponent four times (!) In a row, thus taking the set 7: 5 and winning the match as well.

How much does all this mean for Monfils? After the game, he said it was the first or second best game of his career against the Bayes.

Gaël Monfils faces an even tougher task in the second round, with the Danes 20-year lead, sixth in the world rankings With Holger Rohn Coincidence.

Roland Garros, Paris (49,600,000 euros, slag)
Men’s singles, round 1 (to get to the last 64)
Hanfmann (Germany) – Montero (Brazil) 6:3, 7:5, 6:7, 6:7, 6:4
Dimitrov (Bulgaria, 28) – Skatov (Kazakhstan) 6: 0, 6: 3, 6: 2
Monfils (France) – Paez (Argentina) 3:6, 6:3, 7:5, 1:6, 7:5

Second round matches (to reach 32, depending on the draw)
Alcaraz (Spain, 1) – Daniel (Japan)
Arnaldi (Italian) – Shapovalov (Canadian, 26th place)
Musetti (Italian, 17) – Shevchenko (Russian)
Boy (French) – Nouri (British, XIV)
Fognini (Italian) – Cobbler (Australian)
Offner (Austria) – Korda (American, 24th)
Schwartzman (Argentina) – Bourges (Portugal)
Carballés (Spanish) – Tsitsipasz (Greek, 5)
Djokovic (Serbian, third) – Fukusovic (Hungarian)
Van Assche (France)-Davidovic (Spain, 29)
Bautista Agut (Spain, 19) – Varelas (Peru)
Grikspur (Dutch) – Hurkacz (Polish, 13.)
Khachanov (Russian, 11.) – Albot (Moldova)
Wawrinka (Switzerland) – Kokkinakis (Australia)
Sonego (Italian) – Humbert (French)
Moutier (French) – Rublev (Russian, seventh)
Ron (Denmark, 6) – Monfils (France)
Olivieri (Argentine) – Vavassori (Italian)
Sirondolo (Argentinian, 23) – Hanfmann (German)
Rinderknech (France) – Fritz (American, 9)
Paul (American, 16) – Gary (Chilean)
Geron (American) – Lihka (Czech Republic)
Tirante (Argentina) – Zhang Zhichen (China)
Zeberi (Italian) – Rudd (Norwegian, fourth)
Sinner (Italian, seventh) – Altmaier (German)
Russovori (Finnish) – Dimitrov (Bulgarian, 28.)
Zverev (German, 22) – Molkan (Slovak)
Karatsev (Russian) – Tiafoe (American, 12th place)
Coric (Croatian, 15th place) – Kachin (Argentine)
Echeverry (Argentina) – De Minor (Australian, 18th)
Nisuoka (Japan, 27) – Purcell (Australia)
Bella (Argentina) – Cebut (Brazil)

Women’s Singles, Second Round Pairs (to reach the Round of 32, depending on draw)
Swiatek (Poland, 1) -Liu (American)
Peterson (Sweden) – Wang Hsien-yu (China)
Andreescu (Canadian) – Navarro (USA)
Davis (American) – Korenko (Ukrainian)
Schmidlova (Slovak) – Bolsova (Spanish)
Today (US) – Keys (US, 20)
Barry (French) –M. Andreeva (Russian)
Graber (Austria) – Jove (American, 6)
Rybakina (Kazakh, fourth) – Noskova (Czech Republic)
Sorribes (Spain) – Martic (Croatia)
Alexandrova (Russian, 23rd) – Friedsam (German)
Snyder (Russia) – Haddad Maya (Brazil, 14 years old).
Cocciaretto (Italian) – Waltert (Swiss)
Bera (American) – Vekic (Croatian, 22nd place)
Paolini (Italian) – Danilovic (Serbian)
Doudin (French) – Jabbour (Tunisian, 7)
Mošova (Czech Republic) – Podoroska (Argentina)
Irani (Italian) – Peugeot (Roman, 27)
Fernandez (Canadian) – Towson (Denmark)
Jangin (French) – Avanishian (Russian)
Samsonova (Russian, 15) – Pavlyuchenkova (Russian)
Sharif (Egyptian) – Potapova (in Russian, 24.)
Mertens (Belgium, 28) – Osorio (Colombian)
Giorgi (Italian) – Pegola (American, 3)
Garcia (in French, fifth) – Plenkova (in Russian)
Hunter (Australia) – Svitolina (Ukraine)
Ostapenko (Latvia, 17th) – Stearns (American)
Vondrousova (Czech) – Kazatkina (Russian, 9th place)
Stephens (American) – Gracheva (Russian)
Putintseva (Kazakhstan) – Cheng Jinwen (Chinese, 19.)
Fritsch (Polish) – Rahimova (in Russian)
Simanovich (Belarus) – Zapalenka (Belarus, 2)

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