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Monday Sports Show: Arsenal and Juventus in the stadium

On Monday, Arsenal plays Newcastle United in the English Premier League. There will also be two Serie A matches: Sampdoria – Fiorentina and Juventus – Lazio will also be shown on TV. On NB II, he visits Diósgyőr Ajka. There will also be a World Hockey and Tennis Championships.

football program

Note II
Round 37
8 pm:
AJCA – Diósgyőr VTK (TV: M4 Sport) – Live on a UFO!

Angol Premier League
Round 37
Newcastle United vs Arsenal (TV: Spiler1)

Angolan Championship
Reboot, final
Huddersfield Town to Luton TownTV: Arena4)

Italian series
Round 37
6.30 pm:
Sampdoria Fiorentina (TV: Sports 1)
20.45: Juventus-Lazio (TV: Sports 1)

Spanish second class
Real Oviedo – Zaragoza (TV: Spiler2)

Romanian League 1
Play, round 9
University of Craiova – Sepsi OSK – Live on a UFO!

Additional live broadcasts and major sporting events

World Championship, Finland
Round 3
Group A (Helsinki)
Slovakia-Canada (TV: Sports 2)
19.20: France and Germany
Group Two (Tampere)
Latvia and Norway
19.20: Finland – United States (TV: Sports 2)

ATP Championship, Geneva
ATP Championship, Lyon
WTA, Tourna, Rabat
Roland Garros, qualified
round 1
Red Zaombor – Sam Querrey (American, 3)
a woman
Jani Rica (3rd) – Audrey Albee (French)

Sports radio program

morning show With Leventy Harsany and Eva Richtov
6.00: Sports Weekend Summary
7.00: Chelsea has a new owner. What would change if the club fell into the hands of the Americans?
8.00: Real champions already beat Levante 6-0, and the Valencia team was eliminated. Was she athletic or not?
9.00: Overview of daily events
10.00: Host: Cezanne Roland
14.00: Host: Rich Kristina
Homecoming, Presenter: Gabor Lantos
4:00 pm: NB I Championship is over, feedback from Kisvárda, Puskás Academy and MTK
5:00 pm: The NB I Championship is over, expert feedback – our guests: Zsolt Somogyi, Zoltán Simon and Gábor Hegedűs over the phone
6 m: Tour de Hongrie evaluation – László Szilasi, Competition Director over the phone
7 m: World Cup elite hockey at home? – Our guest: dám Fodor
8 pm: Fencing teams stand photo – Tamas Danchachzi-Nagy and Peter Somvay on the phone. Before the trip to Portugal Women’s Basketball Team – Our Guest: Norbert Sekele
21:00: Initial inspection of the OSC-Fradi ob I water polo. Report on the press conference for the presentation of arrows. This is what happened in the fifth

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