Momentum representative in Josefaros called the British Prime Minister “Layos Poukros Gypsy”

Szarvas Koppány Bendegúz, Momentum’s representative in Józsefváros, wrote on his Facebook page, referring to the British Prime Minister-designate on Tuesday.

The left-wing actor has since removed his post, possibly due to strong negative feedback, and later retweeted it on the topic, improving his lyrics somewhat. He already shared this post on his Facebook page, a politician.

However, Pesti Srácok has also saved the original postso the efforts of the representative of the moment are in vain to remove the racist words in the salon afterwards.

Originally Posted by Bendeguz Szarvas Koppany. Source: Best Boys

In addition, David Behal, a member of the MSZP presidency in Budapest, who can hardly be accused of being right-wing, responded with condemnation to Bendegúz Szarvas Koppány’s post:

“Koppány, that’s too bad. If a Fidesz politician writes this, I’m sure you’ll have Rishi Sunak framed on Facebook. You’re a real idiot, I’m sorry ”

– wrote to Bihal Szarvas.

In his response, the politician of the moment defended himself by saying that his phrasing was merely an allegory:

“If the problem is that I have stated that Sun is in a similar situation because of his Punjabi origin, as if a person of gypsy origin is the prime minister in Hungary, you can try to refute that matter-of-factly, but no one will be right because of a sadistic moral panic.”Left representative said.

The scandalous appearance of countless Szarvas

This was not the first scandalous appearance of Szarvas Cuban Bendiguez, who had previously been politicized in the Democratic Coalition (DK). As Pesti Srácok’s article statesSzarvas commented on a previous article published by regarding the coronavirus pandemic and government crisis management as follows:The people of Fidesz will work for the iron lamp.

In addition, according to the previously announced position of the prosecution, Szarvas attacked the police in a brigade with András Fekete-Győr in 2018 in Kossuth Square.

When they “threw various objects, including glass and pyrotechnic devices, at the police line protecting the parliament building, pushing fellow demonstrators and the police to break through the line.”

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It is also worth noting that the current politician explained on Facebook with fellow actor Gyorgy Herrmann why he did not go, and paid tribute to Maria Wittner with a minute of silence at the meeting of the House of Representatives.

Featured Image: Laszlo Vargo, member of the Democratic Coalition (DK) presidency (right) and Bendigoz Szarvas Kobani, head of the youth wing of the Democratic Coalition, Young Democrats (IDE), hold a press conference with party activists titled “DK gives urine to Máté Kocsis” VIII. In front of the neighborhood autonomy building on December 8, 2014. (MTI photo: Zoltán Máthé)

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