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Modern PS1 style horror games? The result is often amazing! [VIDEO]

Modern PS1 style horror games?  The result is often amazing! [VIDEO]

A YouTube channel specializing in what some modern games would have looked like if they had been released on the first PlayStation console.

Rustic Games BR asks a simple question: What would it have been like if any of the modern games had been on the first PlayStation? The latest result of this is the return of Resident Evil 2 Remake to Sony's console, which turns thirty years old this year. This is already a hot topic because Resident Evil 2 was originally released on PS1, and Capcom adapted it to modern platforms in 2019 for a modern audience.

The remake is not on par with the original Resident Evil 2. The over-the-shoulder camera view remains constant, and the game's famous police force is in full 3D. In the video, Leon fights a zombie and then fights Mr. Last October, this YouTuber converted Resident Evil 4 Remake into a retro style, making Garrador, or the angry blind opponent who only scratches through hearing, look even more terrifying. How much of a challenge would it be to defeat them if we had to deal with Leon S. Kennedy's old tank-like control…?

Rustic Games BR influenced many games, for example Elden Ring was “PS1ized”. It combines the first and second fights against Godfrey in a fixed camera, and the armored controls make the concept seem even more fun. However, the star of the entire show is the pre-rendered background. It's true that this was the standard at the time (Myst also used something like this) and it's not that common nowadays, but Leyndell still looks very nice in the old style.

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Although these real projects are not playable, this idea was born nonetheless. This was the downfall of Bloodborne, its developer then went on to make Bloodborne Kart, but after Sony's threats (they were going to sue the fan idea developer if they continued using this IP) they ended up turning it into a unique IP.

source: PCGamer

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