Modder has been sued by game publisher Take-Two

Modder has been sued by game publisher Take-Two

He finds it illegal to decode the source code of two GTA classics.

GTA 3 and GTA Vice City Source code decoder Modder team Rock-Start owned by Take-Two game publisher Take-Two in trouble He sued them accused of infringing his intellectual property. Within the “re3” and “reVC” projects, stakeholders translated the game’s binaries into source code, added new features to it, and then made it public on GitHub.

GTA Vice CitySource: Rockstar Games

All this is intended to open a whole new chapter in game modification, thanks to which projects can be accessed running titles at the source code level, and their engines and product codes are freely modifiable. One of the first results of this was that the games could be played on platforms that Take-Two had not released.

Take-Two was the first to stop the projects with DMCA complaint letters, but the edit team said they were technically legal, so they brought back their repositories using GitHub. They will now be forced to make their case in court as the game’s publisher disputes their position, and sue them in the US for infringing their intellectual property rights.

The situation does not shed a good light on the players in the eyes of the Take-Two players, but US intellectual property laws are binding on them: if they become aware of potential violations but refuse to take action against them, they risk losing the intellectual property of the person concerned. In a future malicious abuse lawsuit, the defendant could be deprived of his intellectual property by making his previous inaction a precedent, which is a business risk.

Of course, Take-Two is said to have played a role in the lawsuit in the coming months Remastered Editions Plans to launch from GTA 3 / Vice City / San Andreas trilogy.

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