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MLSZ to Mandiner: We’re risking another closed goalkeeper match with Great Hungary’s banners and flags!

MLSZ to Mandiner: We’re risking another closed goalkeeper match with Great Hungary’s banners and flags!

The difference is important: the symbols that appear on shirts and flags are to be kept off stadiums and scarves and clothing are a different category. The latter is not among the items classified as prohibited by the MLSZ.

As reported by MandinerThe Hungarian Football Association clarified in a statement that Hungarian clubs can decide whether to allow those coming in the Great Hungary jersey (or flag) to matches, but they will not be allowed to participate on the international stage, especially for Hungarian clubs. National team matches.

In response to Mandiner’s inquiry, MLSZ stated: We must distinguish between symbols that appear on T-shirts and flags, as well as on clothing, such as scarves. The latter is not among the items of clothing classified as prohibited by the MLSZ, and the association addresses this separately in its statement, so we can get an explanation for that. The Prime Minister of Hungary is HungaryWearing in Greece match – why his scarf depicting Great Hungary, which moved international public opinion so much anyway, was not considered a violation of the rules.

A piece of clothing has yet to capture the world’s attention like the Viktor Orbán scarf – we show the reactions!

It is therefore worth looking at the entire advertisement to understand that MLSZ has no objection to displaying the national unity symbol. It has to do with the fact that following the regulations of the two main international organizations, FIFA and UEFA, it is necessary to prevent the icons from appearing on the FARE inspector list. After all, if these inspectors report the appearance of the codes, the Hungarian Football Association risks ordering the closed goalkeeper match, which is currently still suspended.

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So the stakes here are tens of thousands of fans being disqualified: If FARE inspectors sitting secretly in the stands find that fans have breached the regulations on using banned symbols on their list, they can be disqualified from the next match.

If you want to know who these are.”Strange youth‘, i.e. FARE inspectors, and on the basis of the principles they create a registry of the symbols they classify as prohibited (You can read about it here)And Then you should browse files FARE published its collection list in 2016, which is still valid today.

But what is FARE?

According to the information on its website, FARE (Football Against Racism) is an umbrella organization “It connects all those in the world of football who are committed to fighting hate and exclusion and using sport as a tool to promote social inclusion in a spirit of equality.”

“The network consists of fan groups, ethnic minorities, human rights organisations, amateur clubs, local organizations and activists, whose participants contribute and do so with their expertise to make exclusion in football a thing of the past.” FARE has more than 130 member organizations in more than 35 countries.

their activities includeWatch matches and report excluded events.That is, the network sends observers to matches who write reports of what they consider extreme behaviour, which usually results in some form of punishment.

In light of everything, it is worth reading and interpreting the entire MLSZ statement, which powerfully states the association’s decision:

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“MLSZ does not prohibit the publication or display of flags and molinos depicting Great Hungary.

In domestic league and cup matches sponsored by MLSZ, in accordance with legislation, the organizer can decide which jerseys are allowed to bring. At the same time, the symbol is included in the FARE catalog (UEFA), therefore, in matches of international clubs and the national team, UEFA and FIFA inspectors and, together with them, record the display of the symbol in a report, which may result in disciplinary action.

Displaying political messages is prohibited by UEFA and FIFA rules, and therefore MLSZ can be sanctioned based on applicable regulations, as it has done many times in the past. In order to prevent this, the federation – as long as UEFA’s disciplinary practice in this regard – cannot continue to allow the use of molinos and asks everyone to refrain from displaying such flags and molinos in national team matches, thus helping the national team to obtain on a full house before you can play your matches.

Wearing a scarf is of a different class. Based on international rules, it is not MLSZ’s job to check spectators’ clothing – from this point of view. Thus, anyone, even hundreds of spectators, can wear similar scarves in different areas of the stadium at the same time without violating any rules.

In response to Mandiner’s inquiry, MLSZ provided the information that the part relating to the representation of Great Hungary is the part used by UEFA On page 28 of the FARE publication (Monitoring the marking symbols in European football 2016) Included in the Hungarian symbols.

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Depending on the interpretation, FARE calls the map of Greater Hungary a revisionist concept aimed at restoring the territory of the Kingdom of Hungary. As they write, it is currently being used by a minority of far-right groups and is often seen inside stadiums.

It is clear that the maneuvering space in MLSZ is very narrow based on these, and with the interests of tens of thousands of fans in mind, the main goal of the federation is to avoid matches with closed goals, but at the same time

Perhaps we can also read clearly from the advertisement that it is not only allowed to wear fans’ scarfs at a football match during the winter season.

By the way, Mandiner sent questions to FARE to find out why the map depicting Great Hungary is among the forbidden symbols, and why it is mentioned on a page with, for example, a swastika.

Editorial photo: Attila Trenka/Mandiner

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