Missile rain bombed the American soldiers stationed in Syria

No one was injured in the attack, and the physical damage assessment is still ongoing. It is not yet known who carried out the attack, said Colonel Wayne Maroto, a spokesman for the coalition forces fighting Islamic State.

On Sunday, the United States bombed weapons depots used by a unit of the Popular Mobilization. Two in Syria and one in Iraq. Al-Saabi Hashd is a militia umbrella organization backed by both the Iraqi government and Iran, with hundreds of smaller member organizations organized along lines of different ideologies and ethnic and religious groups.

The organization’s leadership vowed revenge after Sunday’s attack, and the pro-US Iraqi government also condemned the US action and then asked the US government not to settle their dispute with Iran inside their country if possible.

There are currently about 900 US troops stationed in Syria and an unknown number, presumably more than a thousand, are stationed in Iraq. Officially, the United States is in the region due to its participation in the fight against the Islamic State.

Cover photo: An improvised rocket launcher made in Syria. The picture is an illustration. Photo: Suhail Al-Ali/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

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