Miss Universe: The fashion designer couldn't travel to Israel, so the Hungarian contestant wore a Zara dress

Miss Universe: The fashion designer couldn’t travel to Israel, so the Hungarian contestant wore a Zara dress

24.hu-n-he Report it to usThat Zara was the national costume of the Hungarian competition in the Miss Universe final. the to Telex represent Hungary Victoria Jasmine His parents wrote a letter stating that Jasmine should end up on the catwalk in a Zara outfit he had already ordered online in Israel due to the pandemic.

to the Hungarian competitor Richard Alexander Atelier He designed his dress, which was to arrive in Eilat, the venue, three days before the show. In Israel, on the other hand, their entry restrictions were tightened due to Covid, so the fashion designer submitted his entry application to no avail, and he responded to it too late. The parents did their best to get the fashion designer to arrive in Israel on time, until it came to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry, but the designer and the dress were deported. According to a letter from the parents, Victoria Jázmin was considering dropping out, but the main organizers insisted on appearing.

By the way, Telex knows that, unlike other competitors, Jázmin was not accompanied by a Hungarian crew at all, which surprised the organizers, and he would not have been able to get to the competition without the support of the family. The family does not understand why the Hungarian organizers did not talk about this issue. to Telex Gabor Panic, the holder of the Miss Universe rights Hungary promised to withdraw it, but it did not implement.

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