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Miracle’ on Netflix –

Miracle’ on Netflix –

At New York Comic Con, before Alex Kurtzman gave his update on all the Star Trek shows coming to Paramount+, he first addressed the one Star Trek show that’s no longer on the streamer: miracle. This animated series has found a new home on Netflix and the executive producer believes the #SaveStarTrekProdigy camp helped make it happen.

Kurtzman speaks miracle

At the top of the Star Trek Universe panel in New York City, the man behind the Trek TV franchise spoke about… miracle, building on last week’s big news that Netflix had picked up the show. Kurtzman began the panel by giving the audience (and by proxy all Star Trek fans) credit for their part in helping save the show:

Before we get started, I just want to clear up the elephant in the room. Star Trek: Miracle Back too! And Star Trek: Miracle He’s back because you guys brought him back. What she did wasn’t done since TOS. Star Trek belongs to two entities: Gene Roddenberry and the fans. That’s it. And it’s because of you, because of your almost 35,000 signatures on that petition, Airplane Over Netflix, that they heard you.

Kurtzman was referring to the active #SaveStarTrekProdigy campaign including A.J petition Which grew rapidly after Paramount+ announced the show’s removal in late June. Kurtzman’s comment about a “plane over Netflix” refers to a fan-funded aerial banner in August bearing the message “#SAVE STAR TREK PRODIGY” that flew over Netflix’s offices in Hollywood as well as other potential new streaming homes for the show. In addition to the online call, fans also rallied to offer support miracle By purchasing both parts of the home media releases of the first season. Part 1 was initially sold out at retailers shortly after the stream was taken down in June, and Part 2 recently debuted online Media Play Top 20 Sales Chart.

(Photo: Aaron Harvey)

Before introducing Kid Cudi and moving on to the rest of the Star Trek Universe panel, Kurtzman thanked fans on behalf of everyone who worked on miraclesaying:

So from the bottom of my heart, because we love Star Trek: Miracle A lot, Dan and Kevin Hagman, and Kate [Mulgrew] And all the cast and crew, I just want to be able to thank you. Thank you so much for what you did, it was truly incredible.

Kurtzman speaks miracle In New York Comic Con is a homecoming. Just two weeks before the series premiere, Kurtzman was in attendance at New York City 2021, joined by the Hagman brothers along with Kate Mulgrew and the cast. miracle He was selected for the first large painting to be shown and posed. There was also Paramount+ Interactive miracle A booth where fans can take a photo on the bridge of the USS Protostar. Now after two years miracle Live Again, coming to Netflix soon.

From New York Comic Con 2021: Dee Bradley Baker, Kevin Hagman, Ben Hibon, Kate Mulgrew, Dan Hagman, Brett Gray, and Riley Alazraqui in Star Trek miracle View (Photo: Monica Schipper/Getty Images/Paramount+)

We’re working on the progress of Season 2 while we wait for Netflix details

Season 1 will premiere on Netflix Star Trek: Miracle later this year, which will include all 20 episodes removed from Paramount+ in June. Season 2 is still in the works, and Netflix has announced that it plans to release season 2 in 2024. Hopefully we’ll get more details soon on how the show will premiere on Netflix. Unlike Paramount+, which generally releases episodes weekly, Netflix usually releases seasons all at once. However, it is unlikely that Netflix will release all 20 episodes of Season 2 at once. A good guess is that Season 2 will be split into two 10-episode issues (just as Season 1 was), since the series is written in 10-episode arcs.

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today miracle Co-executive producer Aaron Waltke gave a quick update on Season 2, explaining how it “looks great.” He also said that the team will soon be working on the final mix of the episodes, and he is excited for fans to see them on Netflix in 2024.

More from New York City

Check out the rest of our Star Trek Universe coverage at New York Comic Con, including Alex Kurtzman’s Star Trek Universe update, and Mike McMahon speaking Basement floors Season 4 and Season 5 finale plus part one of NYCC’s interview with McMahan. We also reported on the Kid Cudi x Star Trek reveal in New York City. Check back for more updates on Star Trek from NYCC.

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