Millions of doses of AstraZeneca can be delivered to US allies

Under the deal, Mexico could receive 2.5 million doses of the vaccine, while Canada could receive 1.5 million.

According to a Biden administration representative:

Coronavirus knows no boundaries, and we can only overcome it if we work with our global partners.

The government has come under pressure from its allies on several occasions in the past because they want to

Share your vaccines, especially AstraZeneca, which is already licensed in other countries but not yet in the United States.

The drugmaker has already produced millions of doses of the vaccine in its US factories, a number that could reach 30 million by April.

The current agreement, which is still a work in progress, does not affect Joe Biden’s earlier promise that there will be a sufficient vaccine available to all adults by the end of May. The official announcement will be received in a few days.

Under the loan deal, Mexico and Canada will later pay the vaccines as well. No similar agreements are planned with other countries yet, but Joe Biden said that if there was a surplus, it would be shared.


Cover photo: Soeren Stache / picture alliance via Getty Images

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