Milk does not reach the stores, there is a shortage of products at McDonald’s and KFC in the UK

The company told the BBC that about 1,250 McDonald’s fast food restaurants in the UK were missing shakes and juices, as well as some bottled drinks. The British newspaper reported that a nationwide shortage of truck drivers has been confirmed in the background Forbes.

According to an expert who spoke to the BBC, to ensure availability of key products like the Big Mac, McDonald’s has given food and drink priority on the menu. While soft drinks have been stuck in central warehouses for a long time, so their delivery is not a priority, it is less of a loss for the company if it is not sold continuously. However, the milkshake supply is already suffering from dairy transportation problems, not just the inland transportation difficulties.

The portal states that even the giant dairy company Arla is unable to supply the stores with goods due to the lack of drivers. The Nando’s restaurant chain, which mainly transports chicken, has had to close 50 units due to the lack of chicken delivery to kitchens. Rival KFC also talks about serious stock depletion, which is why not all food is continuously available from the menu.

According to the British Road Transport Association (RHA), nearly 100,000 drivers were lost from the system compared to pre-pandemic levels when 600,000 drivers worked in the sector.

Interruptions due to the coronavirus pandemic, and occasional quarantine obligations (caused by ‘anemia’) Infostart also reported a shortage of merchandise earlierThe drop in the number of guest workers leaving the country due to Brexit is exacerbating the problems, and 30,000 driver tests have been missed since last year due to epidemiological restrictions.

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