Miklós Rusvai: It is possible that a new species has appeared in China

Rusvai is on InfoRadio He stated that although it is possible for China to close its eyes, the mandatory test for travelers coming from there, which has been introduced by several countries, may be justified from a scientific point of view,

Only because it is possible to imagine the emergence of a new type of virus.

According to the specialist, the reason for the uncertainty is that the latest data do not match the epidemiological patterns previously reported by other countries, Thus, the evolution of the number of cases does not follow the observations known so far. The virologist noted that 1.4 billion people are in China, according to official data Only 23 people have died from the coronavirus since December 2022. On the other hand, the number of infected people is unprecedentedly high, so he believes that the criteria for determining Covid deaths in China should be compared with the techniques used elsewhere in the world. So it would be a good idea to communicate the data based on the methodology supported by the World Health Organization.

According to Rosvay, based on the currently published data, there are two possible cases: the prevalence of the pathogen in the population has been weakened, or the statistics are simply insufficient.

The expert reminded that only vaccines produced there are used in China, but the large number of cases does not provide information on the effectiveness of the vaccines. According to Rosvay, in addition to the fact that the vaccine containing the killed virus is not effective among the elderly, it cannot effectively stop the infection. However, it does provide protection against more serious forms of the disease.

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