Miklós Kásler revealed when the restrictions will be lifted

Miklós Kásler revealed when the restrictions will be lifted

Miklós Kásler revealed when the restrictions will be lifted

In his last broadcast near Life, Professor Dr. Miklos Kalsler, Minister of Human Resources, said that epidemiological measures will be maintained during the vaccination period, until vaccination is sufficient.

About the start of mass vaccination, the minister said: Hungary has requested different types of vaccines from several vaccine companies. Epidemiological measures are maintained throughout the period of vaccination, so that vaccination is sufficient and people do not fear infection with the Coronavirus.

Regarding the allegations regarding the regulation of the vaccination system, he stated that he would like to reassure everyone that the Hungarian vaccination system has been developed based on the frequency of the arrival of the vaccine in Hungary. He indicated that in the case of the Pfizer vaccine, the European Union had requested the vaccine and distributed it on a pro-rata basis. He added that with the arrival of the vaccine in Hungary, Hungarian health care will be provided to people very quickly and in an organized manner according to the vaccination schedule.

Regarding the overall healthcare transformation, he said they will continue what they have started.

The law on legal status was enacted, medical personnel and salaries were settled, the end result was practically double the salaries of doctors, and Hungarian healthcare and our citizens could be excluded from the healthcare system. But this is just the beginning of the process, as changing the structure is also on the agenda. There are two major issues for this: one is the transformation in primary care and the other is the five national programs. The central idea of ​​primary care transformation is that physicians working in primary care can use their professional examinations and carry out diagnostic and therapeutic activities using the corresponding tools and tools for professional examination, and he explained that another critical task to be solved is circulatory diseases, cancer, musculoskeletal diseases, mental health and pediatric diseases. Turning to cultural and sports life, he said that after decades, Hungarian culture has definitely moved towards equal opportunities, and many organizations have been established, and the value of cultural aid in Europe was the highest in Europe in proportion to the past three years. Sport has also been severely curbed by the viral pandemic, but there will be money for every EMMI sector for this year’s Olympics. We didn’t give up, we didn’t get rid of, but under different circumstances, at a different pace, but we keep going, ”he closed the conversation.

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