Miklos Benedek's touching confession: "This is why it's worth getting up in the morning and staying up late at night"

Miklos Benedek’s touching confession: “This is why it’s worth getting up in the morning and staying up late at night”

Award-winning Kossuth and Jászai Mari actor, director, deserving and excellent artist, and heir apparent member of the Society of Immortals is truly taking on a new role on the stage of Josef Attila. Blake.

Although recently he was thinking of ending his career. Two years ago, at a painful young age, he lost his eldest son, Olympic water polo champion Tibor, and also struggled with not being able to work due to the coronavirus pandemic. At that time, he was just a “former” actor, but the work gave him a new impetus and strength.

– We recently presented The Imposter at Joseph Attila Theatre. It was hard to achieve, the premiere was scheduled to be in January, but life was always interfering. One by one, the quarrel occurred between colleagues, we laughed because only Laszlo Újréti remained on their feet, in good health. Well, now imagine you old men The actor laughed.

Plus, the Kossuth award-winning artist whispered that he didn’t even have to complain about his preoccupations, he had a lot to do.

– The past two weeks have been very difficult, we tried a lot, it was twice a day. In addition to the Impositor, I also play The Three in the Bench and The Game in the Castle, so there’s a lot to do now. Miklós Benedek . is listed

But I’m not complaining because that’s why it’s so important to get up in the morning and stay up late at night. It feels good when you find such requests in person.

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