Microsoft’s free VPN service can serve up to five times more data

Based on the leak, it would be easier to pull off the month with a free VPN for Edge.

Three years ago this past January, Microsoft put the Edge browser on the Chromium engine that also powers Google Chrome, and since then Redmond residents have mainly tried to differentiate the software from its big brother by turbocharging its capabilities with a host of built-in functions.

Last time we wrote about the automatic optimization of low-quality videos and the integration of OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 image generator, now the VPN service for Edge may undergo a major overhaul.

one of these days Reddit mentioned itThe VPN mode called Secure Network already offers a 5GB monthly data limit in the preview version of Edge Canary. The Internet tracking prevention function was provided by Microsoft last year, but at the moment we can only use up to 1 GB of data traffic, which is not enough for much. Based on the screenshot taken in the browser’s settings menu, the folks in Redmond are going to raise the limit to five times.

With this, Microsoft removes auto-enable VPN on all websites in one fell swoop, giving us two options to choose from instead. With one enabled (positioning), the VPN is activated only when visiting the pages we previously specified, and with another (optimized), Edge itself decides when it is needed. The latter means that Secure Network goes into effect without interference on public Wi-Fi networks or low-secure (http) websites, but withdraws when streaming and video content is consumed, in order to save data traffic.

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It is not yet known when we can expect the public appearance of the 5GB VPN, but the Canary channel is the first stop for the Microsoft Edge test program, which means that the beginning may be very far away, and of course it is not excluded that Microsoft will end up dumping the idea.

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