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Microsoft's all-seeing AI search engine will also run on older processors if the company allows it – PCW

Microsoft's all-seeing AI search engine will also run on older processors if the company allows it – PCW

While Redmonds links the all-seeing AI function to the latest Snapdragon hardware.

During the Surface event a few days ago, Microsoft revealed its solution called Recall, the essence of which is to take a large number of screenshots of Windows 11 that can be retrieved using artificial intelligence, so that we can remember something we did on the computer even after many months.

This feature, considered by many to be a privacy nightmare, only works with the latest Snapdragon Artificial restriction.

Albacore, an experienced Windows code diver Insert image He also shared the video post below on how he was able to run Recall on a Snapdragon 7c+ Gen3 processor with only 4GB of memory and no NPU of any kind. This CPU was released in 2021, so it doesn't belong to the latest segment at all, but it manages to keep up with Microsoft's modernity.

Not bad, because Albacore claims that the apparent lag in video is solely due to the way the recording was recorded, while the live experience is much smoother. Additionally, the developer believes Recall can also be made to work with regular Intel and AMD processors, but Microsoft has so far only made its Arm64 machine learning model available to manufacturers, so it can't do it itself.

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Regarding arm geometry, however Promises in another postIt's already working on a software tool that would make an AI search engine that sees everything run on existing CPUs, regardless of Microsoft's limitations. By the way, this isn't the first time Redmond residents have deliberately excluded users from something: running Windows 11 is officially tied to a TPM 2.0 security chip and processors that are only a few years old, but installing an ISO file directly leads to OS crashes even on older systems.

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