Microsoft xCloud image quality has been greatly improved

Microsoft xCloud image quality has been greatly improved

Clarity Boost will only be activated in the Edge browser.

Microsoft and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers with a minimum of 96.0.1033 want to significantly improve image quality Developer Edition (Canary) Can now test Clarity Boost functionality. To do this, after starting the game you want to play, all you have to do is go into the three-dot drop-down menu, where you will find the option to activate.

To the left is a normal quality image, to the right is enhanced claritySource: Microsoft

Microsoft Explanation to me When Clarity Boost is turned on, the image becomes sharper and smaller details are clearer. Its operation is not explained in detail by the company, but in theory the entire functionality works on the client side: it is not the video received from the server that gets better quality, but the browser does some kind of post-filter on frames. As a result, laptops may suffer from shorter battery life than games.

Based on the information currently available from Microsoft, it appears that Clarity Boost remains an exclusive add-on for the Edge browser, but it is not known if there is a technical or commercial reason for this.

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