Game Pass widgetet tesztel a Microsoft a Windows 11-ben kép

Microsoft is testing Game Pass in Windows 11

Sooner or later, we’ll get a permanent glimpse of what’s new in Game Pass.

Windows 11, launched in the fall, completely redesigned the user interface used in Windows 10, among other things, adding widgets to the reference, which appear on a custom widget board accessible from the taskbar.

Previously promised third-party extensions are still waiting for you, but Microsoft is now testing a whole exciting widget that it wants to favor for Game Pass users.

The tool featured in the Windows Insider Program displays the latest items in the Xbox subscription game catalog, announces the closest titles, category-based offers, and also serves as a portal for the Xbox app.

So it’s not very powerful at the moment, but Microsoft promises that more features will come later, including personalized recommendations and a quick login to our Xbox account, thanks to which we can immediately resume playing.

As is often the case with the features being tested, it is not known when the Game Pass Widget might reach the stable version of Windows 11. The service with 25 million subscribers has more options this month Also includes the Ubisoft game and the Sega titleAt the same time, there will also be departures according to the usual schedule.

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