Microsoft is already burying Windows 7

Microsoft is already burying Windows 7

You will not renew your payment support.

According to Microsoft, Windows 7, launched in 2009, is already nearing the end of its life cycle, according to its previously announced website.

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Accordingly, the occupations of home business users and casual users ended their careers on Windows 7 last January, with Microsoft recommending them to upgrade to a newer operating system. Regardless, and in reflection, it launched an expanded support program for corporate and government customers, and pledged to make patches to the system for an additional three years, with patches available to customers for an annual license fee.

Of course, it was questionable whether Microsoft was really ready and always to abandon Windows 7, its intention, in January 2023, as promised. confirmed Now the company. However, for Windows Server 2008, it has had to extend push support for another year, and will do security updates until January 2014.

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