Mice and guinea pigs survived the test with Sputnik V.

Mice and guinea pigs survived the test with Sputnik V.

Animal experiments with the Russian vaccine were successful in Slovakia.

And the teacher wrote, according to the Slovak Public Service News Agency, that the experiments survived the mice and guinea pigs on which the Russian Sputnik V vaccine was tested.

The purpose of the safety test was to detect any unwanted contaminants that may have arisen during manufacturing. According to the animal experimentalist, there are no signs of poisoning and weight loss,

None of the animals died, so the test ended with a satisfactory result.

The parameter indicates that on March 1, the first 200,000 doses of the Russian vaccine arrived. The shipment was received by the Prime Minister himself at Kosice Airport. Igor Matovi said at the time that Slovakia was taking a total of 2 million doses of Sputnik V vaccine, which the European Medicines Agency has not yet registered.

After that, the alliance crisis erupted, causing the Marek Karagsey Minister of Health last week, Milan Kraagnac The labor minister resigned on Monday. However, according to many leaders of the ruling parties, this is not enough. The prime minister must leave or they will leave the coalition.

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