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Metroid Dread creator working on two secret games

Metroid Dread creator working on two secret games

MercurySteam, the developer of Metroid Dread, is not resting on its laurels, but it’s also working on two new games. This was reported by Nordisk Games, the Spanish studio’s minority owner. The two games are still unknown, but one of them could be a fantasy project, which will be created with publisher 505 Games.

MercurySteam is a Spanish game development studio founded in 2002, whose most famous works include the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series and Metroid: Samus Returns. Their latest game, Metroid Dread, has been a hit, becoming the best-selling game on Nintendo Switch in October. The studio also previously published a free online adventure game called Spacelords.

According to Nordisk Games, MercurySteam is now working on two big, secretive games. One of them is likely to be the fictional project codenamed Project Iron, which is being developed in collaboration with publisher 505 Games. The game will be released on several platforms and with a development budget of €27 million (about HUF 10 billion). Few details about the game have been shared so far, but they promise that it will be high-quality, impressive, and exciting.

The other game identity is less known, but may be related to the Nintendo or Metroid series. In a recent interview, MercurySteam CEO Enrique Alvarez talked about what it was like working with Nintendo and how proud they are of Metroid Dread. According to Alvarez, they had a very good relationship with Nintendo, who were very talented and hard-working. Alvarez also said that they are open to new ideas and try them out.

So MercurySteam is not idle, but is also working on two new games. One of them is a fantasy project that is being created together with the publisher 505 Games. And another is a secret game that we don’t know anything about yet. We hope to get more information about it soon.

source: VGC

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