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Meteorological monsters are found on Jupiter

Thibault Cavalli of the Astrophysics Laboratory in Bordeaux, and his team at the Atacama Large Millimeter / Sub-Millimeter Network in Chile have studied the winds of Jupiter’s central atmosphere directly, according to reports. the new a study The first to present this type of observation.

Experts have analyzed the effects of the previous collision. Based on the results, winds of an amazing force of 1,450 kilometers per hour blow across the poles of the planet. According to the team, these currents are solar system meteorological monsters.

Jupiter’s atmosphere phenomena are well known, but until now it has not been possible to study the speed of the winds blowing directly into the stratosphere. Since there were no clouds in this layer, the researchers had to find an alternative solution to the observation. Experts began analyzing the effects of 9 comets in Shoemaker-Levy, an object that struck the planet in 1994. As a result of the collision, new particles appeared in the atmosphere, and the winds are still moving them.

The team focused on hydrogen cyanide, and the material was able to track currents in Jupiter’s stratosphere. According to Cavalli, the measured wind velocity is more than twice the maximum value measured at the gas giant’s famous large red point. Currents behave like gigantic eddies, sometimes up to four times the diameter of the Earth, and they can have a vertical extension of 900 km.

The researchers also studied the area around the equator, where the average wind speed is 600 kilometers per hour.

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