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Metaphor: ReFantazio has a release date

Metaphor: ReFantazio has a release date

The new role-playing game from the Persona developers will be in stores in October, according to the studio's latest live stream. Metaphor: ReFantazio looks interesting because it combines real-time combat with turn-based combat.

Atlus has had a great year this year, releasing more and more excellent RPGs one after another. This trend continues on October 11 with Metaphor: ReFantazio on PC, Xbox Series

Director Katsura Hashino, who previously worked on Atlus titles like Shin Megami Tensei III, Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5, revealed the game's release date during a live stream yesterday, and it's certainly good news for fans, as Persona creator Shoji Meguro is also in charge. About the music for Metaphor: ReFantazio, but Nier: Automata artist Koda Kazuma is also making his mark as a graphic artist.

As for the story of Metaphor: ReFantazio, our hero fights for the throne after the ruler of the kingdom is assassinated. He is not replaced by a direct heir, but the next king can come from any social class if he wins the people's trust. The world is filled with a variety of machines and vehicles, and the game features many prototypes that were already present in the Persona games. For example, scholar, magician and thief.

As for real-time and turn-based battles: you can attack the enemy alone, especially the weak ones, but you can also cooperate with your comrades if you encounter more challenging opponents – in this case, the game turns into turn-based battles.

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The Social Link system similar to the Persona games can also be found here under the name Follower. Our hero meets different people during the adventure, and fighting them can unlock new archetypes.

It would be a metaphor: ReFantazio Collector's edition Also, which will cost $150, which also includes an album art released for Atlus' 35th birthday.

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