Metal Gear Solid Remake: Could Hideo Kojima’s classic be a single-platform exclusive?!

According to a new rumor, a PlayStation 5-exclusive remake of Metal Gear Solid is being developed, and an announcement will be made soon.

A PS5-exclusive remake of Metal Gear Solid is in development, according to a new rumor. Rumors of a full Metal Gear Solid remake have been circulating for years, but there’s been no official news. While games from the PS3 and PS4 generations are often remixed for new consoles, remakes of classic PS1 and PS2 games have become increasingly popular lately.

Several publishers are now trying to bring these fan favorites to modern audiences by completely remaking them from the ground up. These re-releases could include quality of life improvements, improved voice acting, brand new cutscenes, and more, as well as a huge graphical overhaul. It also provides a great opportunity for new players to try out classic games, perhaps with modern gameplay. Now, a new leaker has shared more details about the supported platforms for the supposed Metal Gear Solid remake.

A leak from Areajugones reveals that the new version of Metal Gear Solid will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Areajugones states that he got this information from anonymous sources who claim that this project has been in the works for years. Although the leaker didn’t reveal any specific details, it claims that the MGS title will indeed be a PS5 exclusive. According to Areajugones, the entire project could be announced relatively soon. However, these rumors should not be taken lightly, and fans will have to wait for confirmation from Konami about a potential MGS remake.

An earlier rumor of a PS5-exclusive Metal Gear Solid remake dates back to September 2020. The original leak indicated that it was a console-exclusive game, so it could hit PC at launch or sometime after its original release.

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On October 19, Konami gave a special presentation to Silent Hill and confirmed that several new games in the franchise are in development. This list included the highly anticipated remake of Silent Hill 2 for PS5 and PC. Perhaps Konami will announce a similar collaboration with Sony for the Metal Gear Solid remake.

In addition to the original game, information that has been leaked over the past year has revealed that they are working on several versions of Metal Gear Solid. It looks like Konami wants to bring the first few titles from the popular series to modern platforms, and it will be interesting to see if the PS5 exclusive rumors turn out to be true when these announcements happen.

According to the news, a Metal Gear Solid remake is also running on PS5.

source: GameRant

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