Metal bits fell from a Boeing plane over the Netherlands

Metal bits fell from a Boeing plane over the Netherlands

After takeoff, bits of metal from a Boeing plane fell over the Netherlands on Saturday. The crew noticed an engine failure, so the plane finally landed in Liege instead of New York.

Metal bits fall off a Boeing 747 after take-off over Mersen, Netherlands, on Saturday. He writes for Simple Citing local sources, the article wrote that the falling pieces caused minimal damage, some of which got damaged more easily.

The charging machine is operated by a company called Longtail Aviation, The flight took off from Maastricht Aachen Airport and headed for New York, but eventually landed in Liege, Belgium.

Longtail Aviation wrote regarding the accident that after takeoff, the crew noticed an engine malfunction and acted in accordance with emergency protocol. The company added that it is cooperating with the authorities in investigating the case.

at. Saturday The wreckage fell in a Denver suburbAfter a failed American Airlines Boeing 777 engine crashed shortly after takeoff.

The Boeing case caused it Recommend to airlinesTo temporarily suspend the use of the type.

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