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Messenger will be poorer with useful functionality

Messenger will be poorer with useful functionality

This is the second time Meta has removed the same capability from Messenger’s repertoire.

People all over the world swear by WhatsApp, but in Hungary Messenger is, also under Meta’s wings, the king of online chatting platforms, so it’s also possible that we already have users who have used the app’s SMS integration.

Its parent company, then still Facebook, made traditional SMS management available within the app for the first time in 2012, but the functionality was removed in 2013, only to be brought back in 2016. However, as per indications, the Zuckerbergs couldn’t make it Rumor even on the second try, because now is the time to say goodbye again.

This corporate giant on the Messenger Support page announce. SMS integration will be launched by the operator on September 28, and until then, if you use Meta chat as the default client, Android will automatically switch back to factory default settings (SMS management is not supported on iOS from the start).

Thus, the affected parties can make the switch without user intervention, and of course they also have the opportunity to choose another customer well before the deadline. It is not clear from the Meta post why the post was deleted a second time, so it is not even ruled out that a third coming will come later.

However, the more likely fact is that very few people send SMS messages nowadays, especially within Messenger, so it’s simply not worth it for the company to support the integration.

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