Merkel's epidemiological master plan is complete, and a new revolutionary test is coming

Merkel’s epidemiological master plan is complete, and a new revolutionary test is coming

Angela Merkel has warned her party colleagues against calling for a rapid lifting of restrictions imposed by the epidemic. Instead, cautious steps are recommended, although the final decision is in the hands of the regions. Meanwhile, changes to the test are expected.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned conservative CDU members in a special online meeting that Germany has entered the third wave of the coronavirus epidemic, so it was not advisable to severely ease restrictions imposed by the pandemic – written by Deutsche Welle.

Hurting should be avoided, that is, the need to tighten again after loosening, informants who knew what was said in conciliation revealed. In the first week of March, Merkel discusses what to do with the leaders of German provinces, who are deeply divided over whether they should be released and, if so, how to relax.

From the chancellor’s perspective, restrictions can be lifted in three steps. The first may be the abolition of the rule that restricts the relationship between families and those who live in their homes. In the second step, they can open schools and make the sport free. The third measure could be the opening of restaurants and cultural establishments. The opening should go hand in hand with expanding testing and boosting vaccines, as teachers should, for example, be given priority.

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Meanwhile, Bloomberg Writes about The federal government plans to make rapid coronavirus tests available for free, starting in early March. This was announced by Minister of Health Jens Spahn, who also spoke of a revolutionary innovation. The first self-test for Coronavirus will be allowed in these days, followed by similar steps. There will be elections in Germany in September, so politicians want the opportunity to launch a real campaign that finally opens up.

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