Merkel, a transgender woman in South Africa, who was released in Germany, fears an explosion

Merkel, a transgender woman in South Africa, who was released in Germany, fears an explosion

The Social Affairs Ministry in Baden-Württemberg said that a family member returning from South Africa was the first to be diagnosed with the virus, and five others are still being tested. The family spent more time in South Africa and returned home on December 13th. Upon their return, they began to download the mandatory quarantine period, and five days later they underwent a test for the Coronavirus, which had turned negative. The following week, some family members showed mild symptoms of coronavirus infection. SARS-CoV-2 was detected in six people, and one of them also identified the B.1.351 type of virus from South Africa.

A mutation of the coronavirus from Great Britain was first diagnosed in Germany in the province of Baden-Württemberg. The injured woman arrived in Frankfurt by plane from Great Britain on December 20, where she and her relatives traveled to Baden-Württemberg. After detecting mild symptoms of the coronavirus infection, a test was performed on December 21 to identify the B.1.1.7 variant of the virus.

German press reports said that Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke at an internal meeting on Tuesday that the emergence of new mutations could also lead to a massive increase in the number of infections. He believed that if the spread of the British boom could not be stopped, the number of infections could increase tenfold by Easter. The chancellor does not rule out the possibility of extending the restrictions until Easter, but the decision depends on the number of injured, according to reports.

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