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Merging two divisions of Pécs, ANK and PSN Zrt. SI

Merging two divisions of Pécs, ANK and PSN Zrt.  SI

The two swimming classes in Pécs are ANK Swimming Club and PSN Zrt. Sports School. In the future, we may encounter the last name in competitions, but in the long run it will be more than a simple name change. By joining forces, they are confident that the experts of the two associations, which are doing serious work in the field of youth education, can achieve better and better results.

J. s. C.S. – utanpotlassport.huSwimming club ANK and PSN Zrt Sports School continue to work together in Pécs from now on. The outstanding athletes of the two departments have been bred for many years, among them Dr. Thanks to the work of Anatoly Petrov, Zsuzana Jakapus, Tamas Source and Dora Pachtori became Olympians, and under the professional leadership of Emre Tari, Tamas Kondrisi and Zofia Konkoli won five-ring games. The management of the two clubs believed that by merging the departments, they could operate more effectively than before and would therefore continue their activities under the auspices of PSN Zrt. Sports School, under joint management.


Pécs surf bath, as the SI base for PSN Zrt. , so far absorbed ANK swimmers when they had nowhere to train • Source: Swimming Pics

According to PSN CEO Zrt. , former premier water polo player Attila Fary, everyone is doing well in the inclusion process, especially the swimming itself. From now on, the base can be strengthened in Pécs, such as Imre Tari and Dr. Uniting the professional experience of Anatoly Petrov in the new framework. Their unconvincing goal is to raise the federal rating, thanks to the expected joint successes, but also to do coordinated action in terms of funding and use of facilities.

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For merger details, our website contacted ANK Swimming Club’s trainer, Árpád Jancsik, who will continue to serve as PSN Zrt Division Coordinator. Sports School in the new squad:
– In fact, it was up to us not to join forces before, because both Attila Vary and the city had the intention for so long. Our swimming club has a history of thirty-four years, so we wanted to maintain our independence. A small family owned association of ours, kids and parents alike are happy to come to us. The latter were still worried about the sequel, but we reassured everyone, for them in the short term it would just be a name change. However, in the long run, conditions will improve, because the merger will make our task easier. It took time for us to realize that we are really few on our own to do so many tasks. As a coach, I had to deal not only with professional work, but also with organizational, accounting, travel and equipment issues. There is a special task force at PSN for this, which is now also in charge of our affairs. It is to our satisfaction that we now have to focus exclusively on professional issues, which will certainly improve the quality of our work. We also break our heads about joint developments because we really believe that together we can be stronger.

Although ANK’s swimming base is located in a small 25-meter four-lane swimming pool, in the “embracing” routine of children and two primary schools and a high school, Árpád Jancsik wishes to stay because of its proximity to educational institutions. It is important for swimmers and their parents that they do not have to travel to train, but can exercise at once. Recently, however, the possibility of a “dream project” has also arisen in Pécs: the construction of a spa complex, which could enhance the status of swimming education. The lack of surface water remained a problem in the city even after the two swimming clubs merged. But together, by joining forces, it may be easier for PSN Zrt leaders. SI old and new find a solution.

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