Mercedes spoke of shutting down the plant in Kisquemet

Mercedes spoke of shutting down the plant in Kisquemet

Official answers from Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary Kft, which are sent to our editorial office, show that there are currently difficulties for suppliers around the world in supplying spare parts for certain components of semiconductors. It was confirmed that the Group has close links with both its direct and semiconductor suppliers.

Due to the supplier’s mentioned difficulties, the Kecskemét plant planned to revise the production program by the 17th calendar week.

– compressed.

In practical terms, this means exactly the week that lasts until May 2, i.e. previous information that production at Kecskemét will be temporarily suspended so far has proven correct.

The company also drew attention to the fact that several fire points were established at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Kecskemét.So the lost time is partially used to allow a large number of our employees to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus in the factory if they volunteer.

At the same time, the implementation of major strategic projects and the performance of the tasks necessary for the basic operations proceeded smoothly. They write that the Mercedes-Benz plant in Kecskemét is used these days for reconstruction and maintenance activities, as well as to prepare for the production of a series of the new model.

Cover photo source: Ákos Stiller / Bloomberg via Getty Images

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