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Mercedes-Benz CLA 250e Shooting Brake EQ Power

Mercedes-Benz CLA-osztály

We can even carry out all day to day tasks in electrical operation. With a fully charged battery, a range of 51 to 52 km appeared on the display, of which 30-32 km was sufficiently exhausting the electric motor, and almost 42-46 driving with restraint. On a flat road, at a calm pace, the maximum was 61 km. WLTP’s measuring range is 58-68 km, and no effort is required to reach this range.

The sound of the petrol engine disturbs the city, and the textured suspension does not bring the comfort expected from the brand

At high throttle, the two front wheels rotate, and with the winter tires the car had a hard time bringing its power to the ground. There’s something to deal with, because when the powertrain comes with 218 hp and 450 Nm, it flies even the 1.7-ton CLA with ease.

For ground gas, the gasoline engine also starts in electric mode to achieve maximum acceleration, because safety is more important than adhering to the specified electric mode.

The energy recovery works in four stages in addition to the automatic, it can be controlled in electric mode using the shift tabs and in the D mode, taking the gas in time, there is little need to slow the car brake pedal. 0.2g maximum idling with regenerative braking to approx. At 20 km / h, the system regains the deceleration of power generation. So there is no single pedal drive, but 0.2 grams is an important value, especially from hybrids.

Mercedes CLA 250e - asterisk: Mosul 11

Instead of the required large spinner, the map can also be displayed on the 10.25 display screen. There’s no touchscreen behind the wheel, the middle is

At home, I don’t think it works, but if the navigation path is active, the hybrid system can calculate all ups and downs, speed limits, urban sections, traffic information in the drive system, and timing of the purest electrical operation to the most reasonable sections.

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In the city, the gasoline engine is confusingly loud, and its growl does not match an outstanding product. Starting and stopping the engine does not produce offensive jolts but is noticeable, and Toyota’s improved HSD since 1997 runs a lot softer.

In hybrid mode, the drivetrain lacks the sophistication of Toyota and Lexus cars, although the shifts are largely done in the background compared to the Auto engine, electric motor, and dual-clutch transmission. The automatic switching is also carried out in electric mode, it is hardly noticeable.

Mercedes CLA 250e - asterisk: Mosul 12

The normal electric range is between 35 and 40 km, but it also went to 61 without petrol

In town, even though I let the gas go higher and higher for the electric motor to take over, the petrol hardly stops. The car has shifted to electric slip at a lower rate than Toyota’s fully hybrid cars, and the unpleasant petrol-focused hybrid operation is also evident in consumption.

In addition, the computer often runs at a very high speed. We’ll save the dual-clutch transmission clutches at speeds below about 1800 when parking and starting. It’s inconvenient, although it’s rare for a car to suddenly swing around when stopped due to the torque that’s hard to dispense with, especially when pushing a mountain down a steep street.

Initially, automatic braking operates in an unusual but harmonious manner, correcting the tracking distance taken quite narrow with perceptible but non-intrusive interference dependent on the cameras’ image and radar signals.

Mercedes CLA 250e - asterisk: Mosul 13

Driver support provides what larger and more expensive cars do

It is unusual for the machine to slow down the rhythm of traffic with such a professional, such common sense, plus a combination of service braking and recreation. One of the first cameras could quickly capture traffic, which could come in handy as an on-board camera or just look at where we went that day.

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However, changes in brake pedal feel are annoying. Sometimes the pedal is applied, other times it touches a rubber pad, and again the braking force can be applied naturally at other times. When I felt the need to slow down the adaptive braking at the same time, it turned into a big nod. Predictive braking in the early, middle and late positions must be deactivated again after starting each drive to avoid a collision. It’s also good to turn it off so you can control brake power recovery, don’t smooth it over.

The CLA shows unmistakably confident demeanor, runs quietly on a highway and can turn around, just don’t expect much from it. It all starts out fine, you can put it on the arch nicely, and then if you get excited and start moving really fast with it, the trimmer comes out and pushes your nose. That’s what most compact, heavy-duty nose cars know.

Mercedes CLA 250e - asterisk: 14th conductor

The 35-liter gasoline tank is small in size, and the consumption outside the city can vary between 5-9 l / 100 km

On the highway at 130 at 1900 and 150 at 2,200 rpm, the engine noise remains in the background and the noise level is slightly higher than it was at 100. Despite the frameless windows, there is no annoying wind noise, which praises the work of the people who work in Kecskemét, we managed to fit the doors nicely and adjust the doors well.

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