Men’s World Cup: It started in the United States

The International Handball Federation (IHF) decided Monday that there will be no qualifiers in the North American and Caribbean national teams region, and the United States will represent the region in the Men’s Handball World Championship early next year.

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In a letter, Mario A. Garcia de la Torre, president of the region’s handball association, proposed that the United States participate without qualifiers by failing to raise the level of the qualifying tournament to the surface due to the Coronavirus pandemic, with the deadline of November 2. It expires in a week.

The Presidency of the International Handball Federation (IHF), in keeping with competition rules, accepted the nomination of the United States, citing in its explanation that the country is the most important handball nation in the region, not only in terms of professionalism but also in terms of television coverage. For sport.

It also supported the decision of the national teams (USA, Greenland, Canada, Puerto Rico) intending to compete in the region’s qualifiers, where the United States finished first in the last official tournament – finishing sixth in the North American Championship 2019. Handball Championship matches.

The Americans will be in the e-group with Norway, Austria and France. The World Cup Egypt begins on January 13 and ends on January 31.

Another place to rent is in the tournament.

Handball World Championship for Men 2021, Egypt
the group:
Germany, Hungary, Uruguay, Cape Verde
Group B: Spain, Tunisia, Brazil, Poland
Group C: Croatia, Qatar, Japan, Angola
Group D: Denmark, Argentina, Bahrain and Congo DK
Group E: Norway, Austria, France, the United States
Group F: Portugal, Algeria, Iceland, Morocco
Group G: Team 4 from Sweden, Egypt, Czech Republic, South America
Group H: Slovenia, Belarus, South Korea, Russia

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