Men's Handball: We are going to the European League!  - Bendegúz Bujdosó

Men’s Handball: We are going to the European League! – Bendegúz Bujdosó

As we wrote, on Sunday, Ferencvaros defeated Fejér-BL 32-28 in the last game of the men’s handball regular season at NB I. Vesperm, thus ensuring that he finished fourth in the tournament, deserves to qualify for the European League. After the whistle, two players from the winning team, Bendegúz Bujdosó and Bálin Pordán, evaluated club site.

The FTC’s joy after taking fourth place (Photo:

It can be said that the scorer of 109 goals this season was drunk with joy Bujdosó Bendegúz: “I came here six years ago, we got promoted to NB I, one year later we built it, we stayed in the first division, and now, six years later, we made history: we have fourth place, we are going to the Europa League! I can’t tell you what! I feel it… It’s unbelievable! This team came together in focus, calm and patience. We fought for each other, until today we managed to turn the game around because we got together. It was scary!”

Naturally Balint Bourdain Also happily rated: “We worked a lot for it, a dream came true. That can be seen in the team too, it’s totally liberating, it feels so good.”

After today’s match, only the final remains between Telekom Veszprém and Pick Szeged in the tournament: the first match will take place on June 3 at the Tisza team grounds, while the teams will face off on June 11.

Men Note I

FEJÉR-B.Á.L. VESPREM-FTC 28-32 (14-17)
Visprem, 1000 view. a: Baska Fat.
VESP PREMIUM: Miklós G. – Szmetán P. 1, Toth b. 2, Christoph M. 2, Voivodeship 1, Sharp b. 11 (2), Harry 5 (3). exchange: Bodoba (goalkeeper), Bogyaki 2, Toth c. 1, Somogi b. 2, Seregi, Tóth M., Szatmári 1. Coach: Joseph Elise
FTC: Zernovic – Bogdus 6, Fawzy 5, Depressin 2, J Mikita 1, Kovacs 4, Great Ben 5 (3). exchange: Bognor A. 4, Ónodi-Jánoskúti 3, on the earth 2, Bohács, Prainer, Imre B., Turák. Fitness Trainer: Attila Horvat
result development. Fourth minute: 4-2. p. 8: 7-4. p.13: 7-8. p. 28: 13-16. p.35: 14-20. p.47: 21-25. 54 p.: 23-30. Exhibitions: 8, or 6 minutes. Seven meters long: 6/5 or 4/3
master scale
Joseph Ellis: Ferencvaros deservedly won. Now it’s really clear how much the absence of Jergo Vaskas and Akos Sezel will affect the squad. We are not disappointed, in fact we are happy with the results achieved this season, especially because thanks to our participation in the Cup, we can rise to the international stage.
Attila Horvat: – We played a good game, I was expecting a little stronger fight. We finished off a successful season, this year we reached the level where we were able to deliver a balanced performance.

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