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Men's hand NB I: The FTC may take a new shelf in Veszprém

Men’s hand NB I: The FTC may take a new shelf in Veszprém

According to the team’s right winger, Bujdosó Bendegúz, his club, Ferencváros, has passed their best season yet, but they will have a tough time in the final round of NB I men’s handball, even if the card is in their favour.

The second top scorer in the FTC this season was right winger Bujdosó Bendegúz (Photo: Hédi Tumbász)

Ferencvaros took a step away from the European Cup, defeating Kumlu 34-30 at home on Saturday, which put him fourth in the standings before the end of the tournament, which is already deserving of an international start. In the last tournament on Sunday, Dawn-BL visits their home in Veszprém, while Tatabánya, who has scored the same number of points so far, visits Telekom Veszprém, so the chances are in favor of the FTC.

“Because of the stakes we are looking forward to the toughest game of the season, it will be tight and there will not be much to pass, and in Tatabánya this is a surprise against Veszprém, who has already won the regular season. Tell National Sports Bujdosó Bendegúz, Right-wing FTC National Team. – We have two good streaks, one young and one younger than him, the management did not put a burden on us, but we set ourselves a pre-season goal to finish the European Cup. After the Hungarian success against Balatonfüred it looked like he would take the fifth required for it, but in the meantime the smaller team Veszprém won the Silver Cup, so the season had to be redesigned, as only the top four started in Europe. “

According to the 27-year-old, they believed in their away game against Fured, who won the bronze medal in the tournament last December, that they could no longer win the big matches only on home soil. With the start of the International Cup, Ferencvaros has reached a level, which – according to Bogduso – will open a whole new chapter in the club’s life.

“We will be on a higher shelf, and it is an opportunity for the youth and the national team players as well, because it does not matter if we go to the World Cup or the European Championships with international experience, how much we know about other playing styles, how we can pick up a different pace. The national team player added eight times. “We have the NB I framework, which I hope will be sufficient for international conflicts and will not be at the expense of the league.”

What is certain is that next season the new coach, Istvan Pashtor The national goalkeeper arrives next to him, Ádám Barbele (Fejér-BL Veszprém), Young Director, Adam Turkey (Dabas) and the routine right booster, Zolt Balogh (Tatabánya), at the same time as the Slovak goalkeeper leaves, Marian Zernovich, The Vardar is certified by the Montenegrin Director, Pozzo Andelix.

Men’s handball position *
1. Vesperm 25 23 2 894 – 660 +234 48
2. sujud 25 22 1 2 875-637 +238 45
3. Balatonford 25 16 2 7 771 – 700 +71 34
4. FTC 25 16 9 794-748 +46 32
5. Tatabánya 25 15th 2 8 746-713 +33 32
6. Embroidered 25 13 1 11 721-734 – 13 27
7. Hops 25 11 3 11 720-736 – 16 25
8. Bodakalass 25 9 4 12 668-731 -63 22
9. Csurgó 25 10 1 14 628-694 -66 21
10. Figure – Bell. vesperm 25 7 2 16 698-757 -59 16
11. Nature 25 6 3 16 666-724 -58 15th
12. Nothing 25 7 1 17 669-747 –78 15th
13. Eiger 25 4 2 19 693 – 816 –123 10
14. Kecskemét 25 4 21 647-793 – 146 8

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