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Men's Basketball World Cup: Team USA lost and Germany qualified for the finals for the first time!

Men's Basketball World Cup: Team USA lost and Germany qualified for the finals for the first time!

Almost as usual, the Americans came to the game slower. The Germans led by five points within minutes, and Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr had to ask for some time to make minor changes to his team. Which does not seem to bear fruit in the short term, as the Germans were actually able to expand their lead by ten points (25-15) in the 6th minute, but with the role led by Anthony Edwards and Miles Bridges, the Americans made a great stride, reducing their deficit to two points.

The sequel brought incredible thrilling moments, as expected. Neither team was able to commit many mistakes, and three-pointers and mid-range shots fell easily. Midway through the second quarter, there was a feeling that the USA had really warmed up, and for the first time in the game they were able to go ahead by four goals. The goalkeepers did not slow down at all until the end of the half and finished the match with a total of 119 (!) points, and the second quarter became the richest period in points in the history of the World Cup.

Even after the turn, the Germans started stronger, and after a six-point surge, Steve Kerr called a timeout with a 70-64 deficit. As a result, the Americans were able to dig themselves out of their predicament, but Schröder lightened the mood with a drunken triple from distance. The situation did not change further, despite occasional clashes, the Germans managed to keep their external rivals at a distance of 8-9 points – in the end, the teams entered the final quarter with a European lead of 94 points. -84.

The endgame turned out to be particularly dramatic (Image: Getty Images)

At the beginning of the final period, the ten-point difference did not seem out of reach from the American perspective, but as the minutes passed, Steve Kerr’s students were unable to approach the Germans, led by the duo of Franz Wagner and Dennis Schroeder, who maintained the lead they had won in the previous quarter. Even after reaching the middle of the quarter. Moving into the final four minutes, the Americans gained momentum, first Reeves scoring a hat-trick, then Edwards following suit (after a turnover and a missed penalty), thus cutting the Germans' lead to three points – as Gordon Herbert called time. Schroder and Reeves each scored twice, then Edwards could have tied the game with a hat-trick – he missed.

After a failed German attack, Reeves scored both penalty kicks and put his team up by one point. However, the equalizer didn't work: Obst hit a three-pointer from the corner, then Schröder hit a brace – which Reeves responded to with a sack. With less than half a minute left, Edwards sold the ball, and then Reeves shot the ball into the basket at the last second, but it was not split, nor was it doubled: Germany won 113-111 and reached the World Cup. Cup finals for the first time in its history!

Men's World Championship
Semi-final, Manila
United States – Germany 111-113
(31-33, 29-26, 24-35, 27-19)
LD: Edwards 23 (6), Reeves 21 (9), Bridges 17 (9), IL. Obst 24 (12), Wagner 22 (9), Theis 21 (3), Schröder 17 (9)

Serbia-Canada 95-86 (23-15, 29-24, 23-24, 20-23)

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