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Men’s Basketball Euro: Hungary finished 23rd – News from Debrecen, news from Debrecen | Debrecen and Hajdu Bihar news

EC Men’s Basketball: Hungarians finished 23rd

Stoyan Ivkovic’s side lost all five of their group stage matches at the sixth Cologne Championship and ended their career as captain in the European Championship, which is currently in the semi-finals.

The Hungarian men’s basketball team finished 23rd in the European Championships in September.

Stoyan Ivkovic’s side lost all five of their group stage matches in the sixth Cologne Championship and ended his performance as captain in the European Championship, which is currently in the semi-finals. Aside from the Hungarians, only the Dutch and the British won a match, the former with a better points lead than Odam Hanga, while the islanders finished at the bottom of the 24-team tournament with a worse point difference.

The national team has so far achieved three medals in the history of the European Championships since 1935, and the most successful performance was in 1955 when the national team won a gold medal in Budapest. The second place came in 1953 in the Soviet Union, where the Hungarians lost to the hosts in the final. The bronze medal dates back to 1946, when Switzerland hosted that continental tournament.

In the first European Championship in 1935, also organized in Switzerland, the Hungarian team took ninth place, and in the previous competition, in 2017, they took 16th place after advancing from the group stage.

Of the 41 European Championships so far, the Hungarian national team has been among the best on the continent in 16. Hungarian basketball players were twice named as the best player of the tournament: in 1946, Ferenc Nemyth, and in 1955, Janos Greminger became the “best player” .

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Hungary’s participation in the European Championship so far:

1935, Switzerland: 9th place
1937, Latvia:-
1939, Lithuania: 7th place
1946, Switzerland: Bronze Medal
1947, Czechoslovakia: 7th place
1949, Egypt:-
1951, France:-
1953, Soviet Union: SILVER SPACE
1955, Hungary: Gold Medal
1957, Bulgaria: 4th place
1959, Turkey: 4th place
1961, Yugoslavia: 6th place
1963, Poland: 4th place
1965, USSR: 15th place
1967, Finland: 13th place
1969, Italy: 8th place
1971 Germany: –
1973, Spain:-
1975, Yugoslavia:-
1977, Belgium:-
1979, Italy:-
1981, Czechoslovakia:-
1983, France:-
1985, Germany:-
1987, Greece:-
1989, Yugoslavia:-
1991, Italy:-
1993, Germany:-
1995, Greece:-
1997, Spain:-
1999, France: 14th place
2001, Turkey:-
2003, Sweden:-
2005, Serbia and Montenegro:-
2007, Spain:-
2009, Poland:-
2011, Lithuania:-
2013, Slovenia:-
2015, France/Croatia/Germany/Latvia:-
2017, Finland / Israel / Romania / Turkey: 16th place
2022, Germany / Italy / Czech Republic / Georgia: 23rd place

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