Men in the Water ob I: Szolnok won the championship

Men in the Water ob I: Szolnok won the championship

Zolnock beat OSC 14-13 in the second game of the men’s water polo championship final on Saturday, to win the league title.


Zsivko Gocics visited Nyéki Pool several times this season when he was still an active player. Coach Szolnok will definitely like the swimming pool at the OSC, because after the Eurocup he won the championship here with his team, so he can celebrate twice in the falling water.

Hero servant structure
Daniel Angyal, Mark Panay, Radomir Drasofix, Farkas Dore, Patrick Fehr, Filip Filippovics, Buttond Horumbo, David Jansek, Blunt Juhasz, David Kultay, Skos Konaric, Dusko Pijetlovics, Norman Schmölzez, Zsghombor and Simon Telesán
Fitness Trainer: Zivco Gosex

It wasn’t clear that Dózsa would finish the duel in the second game until one of the two teams won the second game, as the OSC put his heart and soul into the confrontation and did everything in his power to make the decisive third match.

In the first quarter, the teams weren’t careful, everyone went crazy, and like the cowboys in the movie, they didn’t charge, they just fired. We saw ten goals in the first quarter, evenly distributed, and although, as usual, there was still a hit as the ball was just dizzy on the line, most of them were well-designed goals. Filipovic’s twist or smash Balázs Erdélyi was worthy of the final.

In the second stage, OSC strengthened its defense, and in attack, first Krisztián Manhercz and then Balázs Hárai outperformed good defender Victor Nagy. The coach of the Szolnok Gocics team did not particularly like this, asking for time at a disadvantage with two goals. “No problem, they didn’t defend,” he told his players relatively calmly compared to the situation. Wednesday, however, was much better than his roar, although at that time they drove with two …

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In turn, Mannhirsh scored again, and in 8-5 Daniel Varga’s team also attacked to take a four-goal lead. The people of Ogboda couldn’t take advantage of this opportunity, and it seemed like a major scene even when we had no idea what the sequel would be. In any case, the direct result of the missing position was the beautiful kick of Daniel Angyal, who was playing hard again, so both teams had a change of space with an 8-6 lead at home.

“What I feel is uncreable”
Krisztián MANHERCZ, OSC Pavilion: “I am happy that the team gave everything they had, even though we got through four very stressful weeks. Obviously we feel a lack after the close defeat, but overall, Zolnock deservedly won. We have a young team, for many it was the first final, and for For many it was their first final, so they were given a leading role, so we’re definitely building on that duel as well.
András TELEKI, Szolnok Centre: – What I feel is incomprehensible, because after winning the first European Championship, I can already call myself a Hungarian champion. Even though we made a lot of mistakes early in the match, we fought for each other along the way, and that was the result. We had the best tire of the season and we showed it.

OSC started with two rosters, and this was the first indication that the Ogboda team, who were playing two more semi-final matches, were feeling tired. Then dollars flashed on both sides, and David Jansek of the guests and Christoph Varnay of the Hungarians scored a feat – injured OSC player Eric Ksaksowski raised his healthy arm high and furious after the final blow.

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At this point, Filip Filipovics is tired of missed attacks, and the fact that he gives fort balls in vain, his teammates do not know what to do with them. The world-class left-hander of the Szolnok people scored two bombs, and the guests met the OSC at 9-9.

Furthermore, Dózsa turned into the last quarter by one goal difference. The inhabitants of Ugboda mustered their last strength reserves and constantly clung to their opponent, but the pattern of the line was that Szolnok was led and then equaled by the OSC. So we arrived until the last minute, when the gate of the house was with the guests.

Even twice.

Angel – who else? – His shot from the goalpost to Marton Levi’s head, and from there he jumped to the goal, while on the other side Ferenc Salamon’s shot, who played superbly, came out of the same place. Zolnock won 14-13 and won the championship on aggregate 2–0, again four years later. OSC was again away from Doge after the European Cup final, but these two silver medals are the start of a very beautiful story in Ogboda.

The people of Zolnock before the match (Photo: Laszlo Balogh)

a leg OB I . Water Polo
Final match 2
OSC ÚJBUDA – SZOLNOKI DÓZSA 13–14 (5–5, 3–1, 2–5, 3–3)
Nikki pool,
behind closed gates. Fifth: Kun Gy. , Csanádi Zs.
OSC: Lévai – Várnai 1, SALAMON F. 3, Erdélyi 2, HÁRAI 3, MANHERCZ K. 3, Burián 1. exchange: Toth M, Bundschuh, Sziladi, Dalla D, Almassi. Fitness Trainer: Daniel Varga
server: Nagy F. – Jansik D. 1, Konaric 1, Kovaksh Jorgo 1, Angel 3, Flipovix 3, Nagy Nagy 2. exchange: D. Pijetlovics, DRASOVICS 2, Szeghalmi, Schmölcz 1, Teleki, Dőry. Fitness Trainer: Zivco Gosex
Objective – Human Advantage: 11/5, sick. 13/6
The goal – a double human advantage: 1/1, sick. –
Target – from five meters: 1/1, sick. –
focused on: Bundschuh (28. p.)
master balance sheet
Daniel Varga:
Zolnock is the champion but I feel I have the best team. As much as the players have experienced hardship, injury and disease, it is beyond the championship. We’ve seen a lot of last quarter revivals before, and today we finally won a silver medal, but the way the boys have responded to all of the past adversities in and out of pool shows that they have a winning mentality and the fruits of that are still ready for that.
Zsevko Goseks: – I am very proud of my team because we became champions thanks to the great work of the players. You can tell me I’m a good coach, but with a company like this behind me, I might feel overwhelmed. As OSC would have deservedly won, but we also need luck in the sport, which we got out of even in the last seconds.

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