Typically speaking when someone thinks about NASCAR, people of color don’t come to mind. Instead, you’ll probably think about fast cars, quick pit spots, and people who lack melanin within their skin. NASCAR isn’t a sport that is known for its inclusivity and on-top of lacking people of color, women figures within the field are hard to find as well. Thankfully, Melissa Haville-Lebron is breaking barriers within the industry and here to make NASCAR better for all of us.

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In 2018 Melissa Haville-Lebron has made the history books by becoming the first (and currently only) black women to OWN a NASCAR team. According to Melissa, owning a NASCAR team was never a part of her life dream and actually came about as she was trying to deter her own children from becoming NASCAR drivers. “I got invited to a NASCAR experience and I brought my boys along thinking that it would discourage them from driving,” she told Black Enterprise. “But it did not work that way.”   Instead of turning her sons away from the thrilling sport, she lead them to their passion. Once Melissa realized how much her sons loved the sport she did everything she could to support them through it. Melissa created E2 Northeast Motorsports (which is under W.M. Stone Enterprise, Inc.). Her team consists of four Black and two Latino drivers, making E2 Northeast Motorsports the first multicultural team within NASCAR.


Melissa’s team is here to stay and on February 16th they placed 15th in the Camping World Truck Series (NCWTS) at Daytona. Melissa not only help her children follow their dreams but she is also creating amazing representation for other children of color. Thanks to her, little brown boys and girls can now watch NASCAR and know that it’s possible for them to become racer car drivers and team owners as well!

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