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Meghan Markle’s body does not lie, but her mouth does lie

Meghan Markle's body does not lie, but her mouth does lie

Bruce Durham A body language expert claims to have analyzed the princely couple’s body language during an Oprah interview and also found three telltale signs that Megan had lied during the show. As is often heard in the media these days, Megan Markle And Harry Herce During an Oprah interview, it was said that he was indeed royal They met secretly before the wedding. The body language analyst claims that the princess lied in this placerja a mirror.

Why do you want to lie to Megan? (Photo: Agence France-Presse)

The analyst highlights certain moments because he says the body cannot lie even if the mouth does. During the interview, when he starts making one of his false claims, Megan touches his nose, This phenomenon is called Pinocchio’s nose, Whereas people touch their noses reflexively while thinking about lies.

As a second indication, the expert indicated that Meghan Markle accompanied her with violent gestures in her hand, As if he was playing for the cameraAnd he wasn’t just telling the facts, he was just going to act.

Toward the end of the interview, as lead, he directed the scene while directing or signaling Harry what he would say, or Just to agree to a lie.

Earlier, Meghan and Prince Harry claimed to have met a few days before the wedding, and Justin Welby The Archbishop of Canterbury was there outside them at the ceremony. This in and of itself would make the wedding illegal, as there were no two witnesses. However, the archbishop vaguely explained this topic.

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“The legal wedding took place on Saturday, where I signed with my signature, that if the guys had united before and I had helped with it, that would have been a crime, so I will definitely say that I have never sworn an oath before. However, I cannot tell you what happened in our other meetings. Archbishop Justin Welby said.

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