Meghan Markle gave another public speech in Great Britain two years later

As we reported, Harry and Meghan are already on Sunday receipt to the United Kingdom, but they do not plan to meet with members of the British royal family, which may also be due to the severed brotherly relationship between Harry and William. According to the plans, the ducal couple will be busy with their charity work in the coming days: for example, they opened jointly last night. One World Youth Summit named event – writes Mirror.

Meghan and Harry were hailed on stage with other advisers, and Meghan returned to the UK two years later. The most talented young talents working for the betterment of society were invited to this event.

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“It feels great to be back in the UK” – She greeted the audience at the beginning of her speech.

You will hear all kinds of things, some very serious, some very comforting, but I think the most important thing you will hear is that you are the future. You are the ones making positive and necessary changes around the world right now, which is why I am so grateful to be in your company today.

Megan said at the opening of the annual summit.

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