Michigan State University Student, Myya Jones Is Running For Mayor Of Detroit

There are several organizations that that you can get involved in to make a difference concerning anything that matters to you.

One 22 year old has decided to get involved in a big way. Detroit native Myya D. Jones is running for Mayor of Detroit. This is her senior year at Michigan State University.

Let’s Talk Experience

Jones has worked as a Google Student Ambassador and an intern on Capitol Hill. These experiences play a key role in Myya’s decision to pursue a career in politics.

 “While I was interning in Congress, I knew [politics] was something I wanted to do,” Jones told the Metro Times. “I want to give the voiceless a voice.”

Myya had a difficult background which in many ways parallels her constituents. As a child, Jones was abused and had to take on the responsibility of caring for her five siblings after her mom was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

She is a fighter and is thriving in college and within her career. She ultimately wants to help those who’ve felt helpless, unprotected or unheard.

“We can’t forget about the people who have to live in Detroit. We need to create more opportunities for people to have jobs, for them to be financially literate,” she told the Metro Times.

But those aren’t the only plans she has for Detroit.

She also hopes to improve the local police force, connect with the city’s youth and advocate for mental health awareness. Last year, she even penned an essay for The Huffington Post on the significance of pushing forward with the discussion on mental health.

“I have lots of plans for the neighborhoods,” Jones said. “I want people to be able to walk down the street and go to the park. I want to clean up our streets and make sure we have block clubs and neighborhood clubs. I want to make sure people feel a responsibility to their neighborhood. Right now those things aren’t happening.”

How Can You Get Envolved

1. Know who your local legislators and politicians are
2. Know how to get in touch with them (and actually make them listen.)
3. Identify an issue you care about and pursue it
4. Attend town hall meetings
5. Attend City Council meetings
6. Get to know your local School Board
7. Join your local PTA
8. Mobilize more people to support your cause
9. Join a voting league or political organization
10. Register to act on behalf of a political party.
11. Join a campaign
12. Volunteer at their headquarters
13. Attend or organize rallies and events


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