Meet Jesse Boyd He Is Running For Charlotte’s City Council at Large

Jesse Boyd for City Council at Large

Meet Jesse Boyd, a 22-year-old Charlotte native who is running for Charlotte’s City Council at Large. “I’m a native of Charlotte and have seen this city grow, and I want to be a part of the growth we are going to have these next years to come. And I will be active in the communities going to a neighborhood meeting and listening to the concerns the people have and bring them back to the Council. ” – Jesse Boyd.

Jesse is currently studying Political Science at CPCC (Central Piedmont community college) and will be transferring to UNCC ( the University of North Carolina at Charlotte). Jesse was motivated to run for this position, by the people of different communities and backgrounds not having their voices heard/ ignored. The only was to fix a reoccurring problem is to be proactive, come up with solutions, BE the solutions.

“Millennials need to get involved because we make up most of the city and things need to grow with our influence and vision for a younger city”. As millennials we have the power to enlighten the world to a new way of thinking and tackling certain situations and issues, most people want to get involved but may not necessarily know how to go about becoming involved with their community on a larger scale. It starts with conversations between like-minded individuals that leads to creating platforms to bridge gaps between those you’re advocating for and those who create the laws.

Jesse has a real passion for people of Charlotte who desire change in their communities, his platform is focused on Bridging Gaps with police and the communities they serve in, also elected officials engagement with the communities that voted them into that office. ” My passion is fueled from the many supporters I have that want to see me make these changes and the smiles that come about on their faces when I give them real answers and not the scripted one. I’m advocating for the people of the many communities I want to serve and hear their need and not what I want them to have.” I believe Jesse possesses the qualities any great leader has and it’s commendable that such a young, educated, passionate black male is giving back to a community that gave him so much.

When selected to be a part of Charlotte’s City Council Jesse wants to create the Historic Museum in this neighborhood (cherry, Belmont(NoDa), JCSU area) that are being pushed down for newer houses. Affordable homes equally placed in each district in Charlotte. And focus on the REAL issues that the city is facing. ” The next 5 years I would like to see myself still on the council and making sure the members of the council are still in the communities working alongside the leaders of the neighborhoods and having this city on the top for people to move here or come visit.” Please support Jesse Boyd for City Council at Large!

● Early Voting starts on August 11th
● Primary is on 12 September
● General Early Voting Starts October 6th
● General Election 7th November
Advice from Jesse: “Get involved in your communities now for you can make a name for yourself for when the time come. Get a book that you would write notes in throughout the different meeting you will be attending.”

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