Meet Autumn Hulett CEO Of #SmooveGal First Mobile Cart Business On Prairie View A&M University Campus

Meet SmooveGalSmooveGal, she is a freshman at Prairie View A&M University Majoring in business marketing. She is also the owner and founder of SmooveGal. SmooveGal is a mobile business on #PVAMU Campus.

How She Got Started?

“Last summer after graduating from high school I quit my job and began to prepare for my first year of college. I have always known I wanted to do something in beauty. That summer before the start of college I stayed down the street from a beauty salon and I found myself spending so much money on lashes and hair products. So I decided to launch SmooveGal it represents all things Glam, I am the girl who stays beat. I started out selling shades after researching better quality eyelashes and hair I begin working with vendors.”

“I used a scholarship I received of $2500 and my last check of $180 dollars and invested in myself. I bought a lot of product, packaging and shipping material. Only to find that no one was buying from me.”

“After starting school at Prairie View A&M University I saw that no one was selling lashes. I decided I wanted to do something never done before. I wanted to leave a legacy. I started with looking for a candy cart, my plan was to specialize it but the one I wanted, which attached to your bike was $3000. I could not afford that so I kept researching. Since I had purchased all of my shipping material from Walmart I thought I’d see if they had anything I could use to become mobile on campus. I found this hot dog cart at first I questioned myself. Wondering if people would call me crazy or make fun of me for having it. I asked my close friends if they thought it would be crazy to paint it pink and add my logo to a “hot dog cart.” I have great friends and they assured me that I was onto something great.”

Autumn used a portion of her refund check to buy the $300 dollar “hot dog cart.” After that, she put it together in the TV room of her dorm building. She painted it outside with onlookers, side eyeing her and questioning what she was working on. She told them. “The Lash mobile, just wait on it.”

God gave me that idea and I am so grateful to him for it. I debuted the lash mobile during SpringFest. I was at every event out there selling.

What’s Next?

Only a freshman Autumn has been nominated for the Tylor El Chapo Entrepreneur of the year award for the 2017 PV Choice Awards. She is not only the only female nominated but the only freshman.

Where Did Her Entrepreneur Spirit Come From?

Autumn comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Her father was a DJ/entertainer,

CampusLately CEO, La’Shawn Chambers & Autumn Hulett (left to right)

unfortunately, he passed away in 2014 from a heart attack. Autumn’s mother is a caterer and her grandmother made quilts and bows for the church. She knows her father would be proud of her ingenuity and all of the success she has seen. Could this be the new wave? Could whole spaces be created to support mini markets on campus? Either way Autumn is leading the way. #blackgirlmagic


How Are Sales?

“Sales are booming.” “Girls all over the world are buying my product including France, Canada, and even Germany. It was so cool seeing a customer provide a review of my product in another langue.

Visit her site today:

“I just want to say thank you to my family, friends and Prairie View A&M University for loving and supporting me.”



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