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Mediterranean atmosphere in the historical city

Mediterranean atmosphere in the historical city

Day visitors, hikers or just passersby are a very important part of the guest movement in Székesfehérvár. We want to convince them to stay longer because there are so many reasons to stay

– said Krisztina F. Szeg, Managing Director of Székesfehérvár Tourism Public Benefit Nonprofit Kft. At the request of VG.

Renewed strategy

Tourism professionals also had a useful time during the pandemic and prepared with steam power to reopen. The Tourinform office has been completely renovated, thanks to non-refundable support from the Kisfaludy Development Program. The project started on November 1 last year and ended on February 28 this year.

He explained that in addition to revamping the image, it also expanded with a children’s corner and a left-luggage desk.

The development of our services focuses on family-friendly and accessible digital tourism

Highlight the main points.

In the course of their activities, the sales approach came to the fore.

They offer guided tours and program packages, as well as a souvenir shop offering local produce and a ticket office operation.

A campaign was launched in May to stay longer Open to Fehérvár! A digital discount card is offered to hotel guests from one night onwards.

Photo: Tourinform Székesfehérvár

Traditions revive

The city’s cultural and entertainment attractions have undergone tremendous development in the past decade, the entire historic city center has been renovated, and many cultural institutions have been born, such as the famous Vorosmarti Theatre, the Alba Regia Symphony Orchestra, and the contemporary Székesfehérvár Ballet Theatre. Under the Árpád House program, the National Memorial Visitor Center and Stone Store are being prepared, and the new exhibition hall of the Szent István Király Museum, which has undergone a complete renovation, will soon open.

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Among the attractions of Fehérvár a Buri Castle, a lagoon Historic nature reserve downtown, az Arpad Bath, a Museum Highlights are the National Monument and the Seventh Toy Museum.

New community spaces have been created, and the unique Sóstó Nature Reserve and Visitor Center were renovated two years ago after a complete rehabilitation.

He listed the city’s attractions.

In order to attract guests with the purpose of entertainment, the city turned towards a tourism program. Over the past eight years, they’ve built a year-round palette of events: The Royal Days of Sixphere, including the festive coronation games, which have become a symbolic event for the city.

However, due to the pandemic, we have had to redesign, with many developments – primarily digital – focusing on individual visitors rather than/in addition to community experiences.

He has set the trend. He added that a walking app is currently under development that provides unique trails and city rides for visitors.

Photo: Tourinform Székesfehérvár

City values

  • Coronation City – a unique historical and intellectual heritage, a national monument
  • Jewelery Box – Historic Baroque downtown united with typical modern cladding and street furniture where past, present and future meet
  • Mediterranean atmosphere – life is noisy in the city center, terraces meet each other, good place
  • Sports City / Crowded City – cutting edge sports teams, sporting events, sports and excursions in and around
  • As an innovative city – as a center of economic power, the city is defined by dynamism, development and continuous renewal

– Based on a group of tourism professionals. The great advantage of the city is the ease of access, everyone is “close” between the capital and Lake Balaton along the country’s busiest highway.

They also trust sports tourism

Krisztina F. Szegő said that due to the pandemic, business tourism, which accounts for a large share of guest nights, has suffered the biggest drop in 2020, and we expect its slow return, but the city is doing a lot to revitalize sports tourism.

They seek to win the right to host major international competitions by developing sports facilities,

Like the István Gyulai Regional Athletics Hungarian Grand Prix that has been held in Székesfehérvár for years, or international football fans.

Photo: Tourinform Székesfehérvár

united area

The Székesfehérvár Tourism Organization unites the entire region in communication, mutual promotion worked well even before the epidemic situation, and now the cooperation is more effective. They are also in partnership with the Venetian Lake Settlements.

The competition is great, with now pretty much everyone expecting local guests who prefer swimming and wellness, but there seems to be a trend to launch a “country exploration movement”.

The expert explained.

He believes that he is more prone to private places, and even more crowded places, less crowded places. There is no shortage of visitors, Hervar is an increasingly popular picnic destination.

Family visits are also greatly supported by the Kajla campaign, to which we owe hundreds of family trips each year.

Source: Tourinform Székesfehérvár

Expected to pick up guest nights

Last year, the number of guest and guest nights at Székesfehérvár halved compared to the previous year. Within this, the proportion of foreign guest nights has decreased to an even greater extent: while in 2019 foreign guests achieved roughly the same number of guest nights as domestic guests, in 2020, the number of guest nights spent by foreigners was a third of the previous nights. .

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The city’s capacity utilization reached 32 percent in 2020,

Krisztina F. Szegő said the average length of stay increased slightly from two to 2.2 days.

Summer guest nights are expected to rise this year as well, but for now, the outlook looks more cautious than last year.

Tourinform’s personal attendance in 2020 was about a third of the previous year’s attendance, as was the volume of services used. A total of 106 guided tours took place at the Tourinform office last year, up from 358 previously. The director of the office explained that in addition to the guided tours, 45 guaranteed guided tours were organized, with more than 1,800 participants registered. These numbers will certainly be exceeded in 2021,

The demand for Tourinform programs has been very booming since May.

Hotels in Fehérvár are expecting a boom from summer

Comparing this season and the past two years, we find ourselves in three very different life situations: in 2019, we didn’t have to live with the virus yet; Last year we had already passed the first wave, but there was no vaccine yet, this year there is also a vaccine and a certificate of protection, which also has a decisive impact on the tourism sector.

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