Medals from Kaposvar in the World Cup for fins!  - sports news

Medals from Kaposvar in the World Cup for fins! – sports news

500 competitors from 77 clubs in 21 countries were represented in the prestigious competition.

For the eleventh time, the city of Eiger hosted the season-opening round of the CMAS FINA Swimming World Cup Series. This time around, nearly 500 competitors from 80 federations in more than 20 countries participated in the Badkey Aladár Sports Pool.

The 1.MCM-Diamant Adorján SE team from Kaposvár represents 6 people on the crowded field, where they can go home with a gold, silver and bronze medal.

An outstanding performer is that of Bence Lengyeltóti, whose 400m sprint time in the fins was 5 tenths of the Hungarian National Peak, encouraging during this time.

Next to him, Szabó Száva Hargita has also proven in the 400m fins, so he currently has a second time in the junior field at this distance.


Penny Lengyeltóti

50 m fast eleventh position fins
100m fins seventh place fast
200m fins second place fast
400m fins first place fast

Bossa Dorina

100m fins twelfth place fast
200m fins 10th place fast
50 m apnea ranked 7
100m diving 5th place

Hamlin Matthew

100m shallow swimming 15th place
200m swimming surface thirteenth place
400m shallow swimming 16th place
Apnea 50m ranked 22

Landor Patrick

100m shallow swimming center 31
200 m center swimming surface 26
800m shallow swimming center 17
200m fast center fin 23

Robert Simustian

400m swimming surface 14th place
100m fins 16th place speed
400m fins third place fast

Szava Szava Harghita

50m fins seventh position fast
100m fast sixth position fins
200m fins 4th place fast
400m fins second place fast

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