McLaren also owns a small vintage car group in Hamilton

McLaren also owns a small vintage car group in Hamilton

One of Lewis Hamilton’s former mini-racing cars is also resting there in the impressive McLaren range, as it reveals videos from the Wokingians. The team also showed what was important in the warehouse in addition to the historical significance.

Formula 1 is constantly evolving and developing, and cars can change and evolve not only from season to season, but also from time to time. And people don’t even think about what an outdated model looks like, and where will they end up by the end of the season? Well, of course, his team does care about that, but given the very rich history, McLaren sends an important part of its cars to the cheese depot, where it continues to take care of.

The team is full of historical ideas

Of course this warehouse isn’t very secretive, as most of the cars in it don’t have any related technology, but you can’t visit it, so you can rarely get a glimpse of it. The team has now given TikTokjn insight into many areas, which revealed that

Not only is cheese from their former Formula 1 machines, but one of Lewis Hamilton’s old wagons is also kept among the machines of inestimable value (it can be assumed, of course, that around £250m was paid in early 2020). ).

At the beginning of the video, 1998 world champion Mika Heikkinen shows the McLaren MP4/13 without a nose, but under the guise we can see the 1993 MP4/8 (the last Ayrton Senna was a F1 McLaren), and models from recent seasons.

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And here comes the element of paint the team has used since the 1997 season, with the word “Lewis” written on it, and we can quickly say it’s a go-kart, from 1998 to its Formula 1 debut. And backed by McLaren, Lewis Hamilton, who, after accepting Ron Dennis in the Team program for juniors, race naturally in a go-kart race with istll colors.

Old rickshaw in Hamilton

It is also clear from the video that McLaren not only drives cars in this multi-level building, but also maintains them, as some of these cars are still in use today.

There is also plenty of space for a lot of spare parts and tyres, which makes it easier Thousands of charts They also have plans that include all of McLaren’s plans in stock, and if any parts need to be scrapped again, they do.

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