McDonald's has been hit by a massive phishing attackهجوم

McDonald’s has been hit by a massive phishing attackهجوم

The hackers obtained the business contact information of employees and franchises.

McDonald’s reported that its IT systems were hacked in the United States, Taiwan, and South Korea, among other countries. The Wall Street Journal the meaning The hack also affected customer and employee data.

The attack emerged after the fast-food chain hired outside consultants to investigate unauthorized activity in the internal security system. In doing so, the consultants found that the company’s data had been corrupted.

In the US, customer data was not affected, but the hackers obtained the business contact information of employees and franchises. The company said that the employee data that fell into the hands of the hackers was neither sensitive nor personal. The hackers also obtained information about certain restaurants, such as seating capacity and square feet. However, in the markets of South Korea and Taiwan, hackers also had access to personal information of customers.

McDonald’s said it is now working to notify customers directly affected by the data breach. However, the payment information is not accessed by the hackers.

“McDonald’s will continue to use the findings of the investigation, as well as information from security sources, to determine ways in which it can improve its existing security procedures.” written by The company in a statement to The Independent.

There have been cyber attacks in a number of major industries in recent months, raising concerns about the impact of hackers on critical infrastructure. Also, it has recently become common for criminals to paralyze some organizations and services with extortion virus and demand ransom. McDonald’s said the privacy incident was not a virus extortion attack, meaning that no ransom was paid to hackers to restore affected systems.

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