Mazsihisz also condemns György Szilágyi's statement

Mazsihisz also condemns György Szilágyi’s statement

According to the organization, placing the Holocaust parallel to the vaccination card is misleading and undeserved.

As we also mentioned, on the György Szilágyi community page, compare vaccination cards to concentration camps. Mihaly Sly mentions the yellow stars around the card.

Tamás Róna’s response was to the politician’s comments on our newspaper earlier, and now Saturday looked at Mazsihisz’s reaction:

“Using all symbols, objects, places and events related to the Holocaust for today’s daily political purposes violates the memory of our fellow human beings.

In the current epidemiological situation, when the only solution is vaccination on a large scale, it is especially important for public actors to speak up responsibly. Moreover, set a good example.

Mazsihisz joined the national vaccination program, and we have now vaccinated thousands of our registered Hungarian citizens in cooperation with the Hungarian government at our love hospital for Holocaust survivors. We continue to encourage everyone to take the opportunity to be vaccinated.

Any epidemiological measure is inconsistent with the unique tragedy of the Holocaust. We urge everyone to avoid such misleading comparisons that are not worth mentioning.

In the case of public figures, we expect to draw the correct conclusions when such tasteless statements are made in public. “

Opening image: MTI / Koszticsák Szilárd

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