Mayweather Wins Decision in Richest Fight Ever

Mayweather remains unbeaten in 48 fights with a win that cemented his legacy as the best of his generation.

Pacquiao chased Mayweather around the ring most of the fight. But Pacquiao was never able to land a salt of quality punches, he often looked frustrated as Mayweather played excellent defense.

Two ringside judges scored the fight 116-112, while the third had it 118-110. The Associated Press had Mayweather ahead 115-113.

This was the richest fight in boxing history —  Mayweather made at least $180 million. The actual fight was not the best, far from it, with long periods where both fighters fought cautiously, looking for an edge.

No one got hurt to bad and there were no knockdowns or knockouts, Pacquiao landed probably the biggest punch in the fight in the fourth round — a left hand that sent Mayweather into the ropes — but he wasn’t able to consistently land against the elusive champion.

The fight was a chess match, with Mayweather using his jab to keep Pacquiao away most of the fight. Pacquiao tried to force the action, but Mayweather was often out of his reach by the time he found his way inside.

Ringside punch stats showed Mayweather landing 148 punches of 435, whilc Pacquiao landed 81 of 429.


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