MÁV distributes medical parcels to international train personnel

MÁV distributes medical parcels to international train personnel


MÁV-Start has distributed 1,600 medical unit packages containing a medical mouth mask, sanitizing hand gel, disinfectant wipes and rubber gloves to ticket inspectors serving on international flights and cabin crew, MÁV Zrt’s Communications Department reports. MTI on Monday.

The Railways pledge must take all necessary steps to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus to protect passengers and railway passengers. With the help of Doctors Vasút Egészségügyi Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft. Affected jobs and materials used to protect against Coronavirus have been identified, and they are also preparing to order spare parts,

They added: MÁV-Start card examiners have already received hand sanitizers, but over the weekend they distributed a package of 1,600 sanitary units, which includes a medical mouth mask, antiseptic gel, hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer, including rubber gloves. As of Friday afternoon, the unit package has been delivered to all directorates departing international flights from their territories.

They explained that the railway company cleans the spread of various viruses and diseases “according to its general practices” several times a day, and sterilizes car door openings, handles and handles, as well as sinks and toilets.

Highlights: MÁV-Start controls cleaning more strictly. Disinfectants are used to clean cars, and on international flights, liquid soap dispensers are filled with a hand sanitizer that has an antiseptic effect. They added that the Austrian Railways Company is full of soap on the railways.

They also reported that railway workers, especially those serving on international trains, received a detailed information document on the coronavirus, its spread, clinical symptoms, prevention, cleaning, cleaning, and use of face masks. In the second half of the week, MÁV-Start international vehicles will be labeled with stickers describing how to wash hands well and effectively.

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MÁV and Vasút Egészségügyi Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft. Maintain constant contact with the operative strain responsible for protecting against coronavirus infection, and the health authority, and operate according to its guidelines.

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